These wonderful paper craft animals are courtesy of Yamaha motors and designer Mukouyama Ku-kan. Various collections have been designed but the most pleasing are the rare animals of the world.

The aim of the site is to introduce and highlight certain animals that are scarcely seen in the world. Each model page includes rendered or white pdf templates to print and make. There is also a guide on each animals detailing their characteristics and habitats.

Click here to make your own rare animal. Please do send in photos.

Whether you’re a fan of NYE or not here’s a track by Canadian Dooze Jackers for getting into the party mood. It’s a dutch-house delight featuring broken beats and pitch bending sirens.

Dooze Jackers – Got Line!

Another epic video and remix by friend James Connolly (L-Vis 1990).

A treat for your eyes and ears, allowing your mind to wander into the land of daydreams.

Well overdue but I’m finally back from the depths of studying to share a track by ‘Flotilla‘ from their recently released ‘One Hundred Words For Water’ album. Sounds like Deerhoof, Kings of Convenience, Joanna Newsom.

This ones got an amazing harp solo accompanied by a delightfully subtle electronic bass melody. The perfect song for a calm cold Sunday.

Flotilla – Clouds


Being influenced by the everyday strangeness of the world around him, Ian’s signature combination of odd words and distorted characters make his style one of the most recognisable in the world of illustration.

I’m not really sure what it is about Ian Stevenson’s work that makes you so emotionally attached to his characters, or if any love you gave to them would even be appreciated. Some of the creations that dwell in his universe would appreciate a cuddle I’m sure, others would  be just as likely to cut you up in to little pieces and bury you in their garden.  No matter you get from Ian’s work one thing is clear, once you let your self be immersed in his world, there’s no going back!


A lot of readers may recognise Ian’s work from his commercial projects, having worked for a number of A-list clients including Microsoft, Perrier, E4, MTV and Paul Smith to name a few. If you’ve been reading our posts for any amount of time then you’ll know what huge Ian Stevenson fans we are here at Pejhy, so it is with great pleasure we give you our exclusive interview with the man behind the pen:

What’s your favourite website at the moment?
Here is an amazing website that reveals the people who copy and plagiarize. Brilliant, just brilliant! get your digital pitchforks at the ready for some good old fashioned justice…


Any superpower, what would it be?
My super power would be Sarcasm, I’d join a gang of superheroes and they would call me ‘Sarcasma’. I would be the first person to appear at the crime scene and I’d use my sarcasm skills to annoy and wrong foot the enemy, possibly I would mock the villains outfit or mimic their voice. When they are suitably annoyed the other members of the team would arrive to defeat them properly.

If you could banish any three things from the universe what would they be?
I’ve thought about this one a lot and although I would like to change many many things I have started to think that if I did have the power to remove things I don’t like, then life might be too good and I would have nothing to moan about. I’ve managed to think of a few that would make my world a better place. The first would be working for free unless it’s for charity. There could be a law to protect artists and maybe it could be called Stevenson’s law or something and would mean that all jobs had to paid for properly. I’d also have to get rid of some of the trumpet based free jazz music as it seems to make me feel uneasy. Finally I would remove some of the talentless and useless celebrities, they deserve nothing more than to be constantly ignored.


What’s the best computer game ever made?
Commuting is like game, I weave in and out of the pre-programmed human like objects in my walking space ship.

If you dug a hole through the earth from one end to the other, lets say from the North Pole right down too the South Pole, and then you jumped down that hole, what would happen?
I imagine it would be fun for a few seconds, then you’d probably black out and eventually die either by being unable to breath or by your body being shredded to bits as it bounces off the sides like a rag doll.

When will we see your “Rubbish” book?
Soon… hopefully soon, oh I do hope it is soon. I have all the photos collated and now it just needs to be made into a book.


To see more of Ians work you can vist his brand spanking new website at

For those of you new to his work I highly recomend you check out his new group show athe the Archipelago Works in Sheffield, and be sure to pick up a copy of his “Best Wishes, Get Well Soon” book, it’s basicaly his “best of ” collection and a steal at £10.