It is predicted that today will be the busiest shopping day of the year with credit company Visa predicting a £1.2 billion spend by UK shoppers. So as is the tradition at this time of year, there have been a bucket load of new products unleashed on the consumer buying public, tempting you to part with your hard earned cash. Here’s a quick post containing three of the best books  released this holiday season.

Dran – I Love My World

Here’s the new promo video for “I Love My World”, the 6th book by French artist Dran.

A great looking publication featuring satirical parody’s of everyday life in the form of beautiful illustrations. It’s no wonder why Pictures On Walls have giving the artist so much attention recently.


The book is available now through priced at £15

Rop Van Mierlo – Wild Animals

“Wild Animals” is the new book by Rop Van Mierlo. Featuring 14 water colour animals in 40 pages. Here’s how the artist describes his latest work:

“The Snake rattles, the Lion yawns and man makes a book. A wild book for civilized people. a sophisticated book for wild people. A beautiful book with wild animals for civilized people. a book with beautiful animals for wild people”

Wild Animals is available now through Rop’s Website, priced at € 30.

Phlegm – Issue 10

Phlegm latest comic has been available for a couple of weeks now and is arguably his best self-publication to date. Featuring a three colour screen printed cover and 20 litho printed pages, the book has been made in an edition of 1000 and is a steal at £3.

Also for a limited time you pick up issues 7-10 of phlegm for £10 with each issue hand wrapped in a screen print!

For more infomation check out his official web Here

Been busy, but still listening to this boom bunch. Have fun.

One of many new vocal wonders from James Blake.
James Blake – To Care (Like You) | Buy

Bouncy, twisty, subtly progressive number from Isolée‘s third bag of gems.
Isolée – Hold On | Buy

Sub bass, sustained synths and simple sounds from San Soda.
San Soda – Hypocrisy | Buy

Choppy clear percussion, bass hums with dreamy samples from Lone‘s latest.
Lone – Ultramarine
| Buy

Swirling siren strings and captivating choirs is mesmerising from Âme.
Âme – Setsa
| Buy

Simplified techno take by Shit Robot.
Jokers of the Scene – Joking (Shit Robot Remix) | Buy

Panning siren sounds and ambiguous vocals with clean Carl Craig bass techno.
Appleblim, Ramadanman – Void 23 (Carl Craig Re-Edit)
| Buy

Deep space house rework with a enchanting female vocal breakdown by Kasper Bjorke.
Rah Band – Clouds Across The Moon (Kasper Bjorke Intergalactic Dub Version) | Buy

Here’s a fantastic video from french artist Supakitch and graphic designer Koralie. The video shows the pair hard at work, creating a wall mural back in October at the VÄRLDSKULTUR MUSEET GÖTEBORG in Sweden.

The beautifully shot film features the artists using a variety of tools and techniques to create the large scale piece as well as some awesome music from  D.L.I.D (Dick Laurent is Dead).

Sheffield City Scape, £60 – 35cm x 100cm. Edition of 60

If, like me, you’ve left your Christmas shopping to the very last minuet this year and are still wanting to buy a loved one something special, you’ll be pleased to know that Sheffield’s own art terrorist Kid Acne has released a set of very affordable prints this week with the A.P.G gallery. The four prints released feature two brand new designs and two re-issues made in a half scale format.

As you can see there is an evident northern influence in Acne’s latest body of work, depicting northern heritage, culture and landscape. Although we love all his work, our Current favorite  is Acne’s depiction of the Sheffield city scape, featuring all the famous landmarks from the steal city in a beautiful panoramic print.

For more information on the work you can visit the Acne Blog HERE

Helsinki Girl (2nd Edition) £60 – 50cm x 70cm. Edition of 30.

Knife & Forkshire, £50 – 35cm x 50cm. Edition of 50

Strong & Northen (2nd edition) £45 – 35cm x 50cm. Edition of 100

Satisfying audio and visuals from White Car