A track played by Lee Foss during an idyllic three hour evening sun set in an open top caravan at Gottwood. A first from G$ vs Gold, Gadi Mizrahi of Wolf & Lamb and Eli Gold of Soul Clap, respectively. Subtle brassy synths, low warm bass hums and soft vocal runs.

Lucky Paul – Thought We Were Alone (Money Vs Gold Remix) | Buy

Megunica is the latest film from director Loremzo Fonda  which documents his travels with Italian street artist  Blu and their two friends as they make their way across South America through Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Argentina (hence the acronym Megunica).

From the outset, the aim of the film was to capture how different cultures and lifestyles would inspire Blu’s work.

While filming Blu paint the crew meet a host of colourful locals, tour guides and artists.

With the characters we meet along the way often having their own stories to tell, the completely unscripted film ends up being a blend between a road-trip and a cultural exchange movie which you can watch in it’s entirety for free right HERE