Legowelt‘s new album ‘The Paranormal Soul’ is testament to tirelessly titivation. Elements dreams up a baron landscape through swathing synths and perpetual percussion.

Legowelt – Elements of Houz Music | Buy

Those familiar with ∞in with recognise this early incarnation of H.O.R.S.E., which features on the new special edition album with remixes and unreleased originals. Stripped back whilst with full force.

John Talabot – Zanzibar (80′s Tapemix) | Buy

Pional produces poignant pleasure with his rework of How To Dress Well’s sumptuous soul slammer. A two chord choir grounds a graceful splendour sound.

How To Dress Well – & It Was U (Pional re-work) | Buy

It’s been a while since these guys shared some sound, but haste not their patient work has resulted in a tantalising triple on Needwant. I Wanna Know booms at the beginning of their many sets, hypnotic hype. Equally Trust reveals itself with melodic gargles and gliding synths, sensuous.

Casino Times – Trust | Buy

The Organ Grinder dropped this double on Catapult. These garage gleamers are ripe for the dance floor featuring soulful snippets, moving melodies and plenty of warmth.

The Organ Grinder – Obsession

This unreleased gem by Lacer is a graceful growler. An electro-mechanical piano delivers simple mesmerising melodies, accompanied by a guys gentle groans.

Lacer – Burns The Soul

John Malcolm Moore; Tief resident, amazing animator and all round top boy has recorded a new mix. This is the first in a series of cavecasts from the basement below, full of gentle greatness.

John Malcolm Moore – Cavecast 01 | Download

The Bicep boys are only beginning, from boomers to beauties they’re covering ground for all moments and moods. This piano elevator drives with a 909 thump, a consuming crescendo.

Ripperton – Let’s Hope (Bicep Remix) | Buy

Combine two treatful artists, with their own differing styles and super sound delivers. The outcome of this merger gives gentle guitar grace and vulumptious vocals with mellow minimal murmur. Ame’s own remix pumps it up to a ecstatic euphoria, the last song of a night.

Ry / Frank Wiedemann – Howling (Ame Remix) | Buy

The latest Wolf howler comes from Greymatter with a trio of tracks and a remix by fellow label man James Welsh.  A persuasive percussive penger with warbling warmth.

Greymatter – Sweat (James Welsh Remix) | Buy